Strategy - Aerospace

Strategy: 2020 to 2023

To improve the business continuously and to achieve sales revenues of US $ 20 Million with Aerospace “Build to print” Parts/Assemblies business, by year 2023.
This shall be achieved with the following:
-  Developing new Aerospace customers as well as grow and maintain the current customers, with the right_fit products and  a win_win business partnership.
-  Developing and maintaining the competitive advantage of “vertically integrated strong technological base” together with installed capacities for “in_house aerospace approved special processes”.
-  Continuously improving the quality and reliability of the products 
-  Implementing modern and smart technologies in manufacturing.
-  Focus on talent management to attract, recruit, develop and retain excellent talents with diverse backgrounds of the employees.
-  Improving the working environment for the employees to the world class standards.
-  Participating in social activities. Helping community as part of the social responsibility.