Product Safety Policy


Product Safety is the state in which as product is able to perform to its designed or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to persons or damage to property.
Since C.C.S. does not design the product, in terms of Product Safety, all employees will take part of support
as follows:
The Product Safety is not limited to certain activities or points defined in the announcement and it can be in the form of any additional training & the instructions given by the superiors of a section in an organization.
Each section of an organization can identify their own points in respect to the product safety and same can be communicated to the employees to adhere as a part of their job.
Some of the common points has to be considered by the employees as an overall organization based on the activities carried out in all the sections towards product safety.
The employees must not deviate any manufacturing processes of the product as it directly lies on the product safety & an intended purpose of the design.
The employees shall not engage themselves on the following actions.
  • Do not change / over-ride the machine speeds & feeds which may cause distortion on the parts.
  • Do not skip/ modify any operation in the manufacturing sequence of the parts.
  • Do not over-ride the defined work instructions.
  • Do not use un-authorized raw material or consumables in the shop floor.
  • Do not use the deteriorated coolant while machining the part.
  • Do not use the wrong/ worn/ un-authorized tools.
  • Do not use the un-authorized chemical substances with the parts.
  • Do not modify the manufacturing documents without proper approvals.
  • Do not give the oral instructions related to the product to any external providers that has a chance to make inaccurate data.
The employees shall engage themselves on the following actions.
  • Ensure the coolant flood on the component during machining.
  • Follow & ensure the machining/ process parameters are set as required.
  • Notify Section Chief/Leader/Shift leader if you hear any abnormal sound during manufacturing/machining.
  • Notify Section Chief/Leader/Shift leader if the raw materials/ workpieces are not identified with the proper tags.
  • Re-check the work-offsets & setup if any there is any sudden power loss or power outage.
  • Ensure the scheduled preventive maintenance & regular maintenance is performed on the machines.
  • Ensure the inputs given to the shop floor in a described manner in Work Instruction and support documents.
  • Communicate the requirements of the product to the external providers while sourcing.
  • Ensure the data is correct to perform the analysis & proceed on continuous improvement.
  • Evident the document on all kind of communication with the customer, internal & external providers related to the manufacturing which shall not affect its product safety.
All the product safety measures are applicable to every employee of an organization but not limited to the mentioned points and the certain employees only. The product safety precaution can be taken in any form by anyone & the same is communicated to the respective Section Chief/ Leader/ Shift leader and the team members for their approvals and documented/ recorded in the organizational quality system.

Be it announced to all.
Announcement on 20 July 2018
"Announcement No.21/2018 (Replace No.20/2018)"