Ethical Behavior Policy


An organization encourages employees to behave in a good manners and good will on the basis of morals/ ethics, which are requirements of an organization and also desired by society. The general work ethical principles are arrived based on the general opinion from the management of an organization to show the employees about the ethical behavior which are to be followed in the work atmosphere/ organizational culture to ensure the quality business policy.

An Ethical Behavior is also a part of work culture which has to be followed by each & every employee to build a trust on the products developed by an organization to the customer. The listed points are given in general to all the employees of an organization but not limited to the mentioned & the certain employees only.

The employees shall not engage themselves on the following non-ethical behavior:
* Do not hide any kind of deviations/ rejections to the next immediate supervisor.
* Do not modify any data on the manufacturing/ inspection records.
* Do not use other’s stamp at any circumstances.
* Do not disclose any confidential information of customers and an organization or any information related to the manufacturing & work procedures to third party/ un-authorized person.
* Do not use mobile phones on the shop floor during working hours.
* Do not jump, run, eat or play in the working area which may cause injury to self or others.
* Do not accept any gifts/ favors or money from any interested parties of an organization for any reason.
* Do not take any organization property outside of the premises whether under your usage or not.
* Do not eat any food in the shop floor/ working area which may cause FOD issues to the part. 
 The employees shall maintain the following ethical behavior irrespective of the level:

* To have integrity, work according to the Quality Procedures, Work Instructions, Standard Industry Practice or any relevant documents as assigned and follow the Organization Disciplinary regulations.
* Accept the mistakes, if any & improve thru the proper training.
* Always ask, if any doubt on related documents or assigned job.
* Use the proper PPE as described in the organization’s safety policy & procedures.
* Maintain your place clean & tidy which should not affect the product or human.
* To help overseeing, if something occurs unusual, notify supervisors or hierarchical management.
* Help the organization to maintain the machines/ equipment/ tools in good condition.

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Announcement on January 9, 2018
"Announcement No.2/2018 (replace No.18/2017)"