C.C.S. Group of Companies

C.C.S. Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Metal stamping
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Sheet metal fabrication/welding
C.C.S. Advance Tech Co.,Ltd
  • Aerospace mfg
  • Oil & Gas mfg
  • Jigs/Fixtures mfg
  • Tool & Die spare parts mfg
  • Precision equipment parts mfg
  • Mold & Die, Design and build
C.C.S. Packaging Co.,Ltd
  • Plastic vacuum thermoforming tray design and production
Sirinakorn Enterprise Co.,Ltd
  • Raw materials and commodity trading house
CCS Group of Industries founded by late Mr. Boonjaroen Manoburachailert in 1989 with a humble beginning.  Under the dynamic vision and strategic direction from Mr. Boonjaroen (Founder) and technical/executive leadership of Mr. Ketan Pole (CEO), CCS groups have grown more than 12 times in past 20 years. Mr. Boonjaroen's  legacy is continued by the family, with ACTIVE board DIRECTORS Ms. Sirirat Manoburachailert and Ms. Siriporn Panprom leading the organization. Today, at CCS, we are a vertically integrated "One Stop Manufacturing Company" involved mainly with “Build to print” manufacturing with vast variety of capabilities under one group. We support “One off”, “Small batch” as well as “mass production” projects using global accreditations and world class manufacturing systems with an integrated SAP/ERP.

CCS offers vast array of manufacturing capabilities with the following internal divisions:
  • ASM division: Vertical integration ‘build to print’ components/assemblies with CNC manufacturing, assemblies and special processes for:
    • Aerospace with AS9100, NADCAP, Boeing and Airbus requirements.
    • Semiconductor front end world class global equipment makers with class 1000 clean room assemblies.
    • Medical equipment global players.
  • Job shop division: ISO 9001 certified, “Build to print”  manufacturing shop for all industries. Precision components manufacturing for equipment makers, Oil & Gas industries, Bearing industries, Electronics industries, Medical industries, wear and spare parts for Tool and Die industries, and Jigs/Fixtures for all industries.
  • Mold & Die division: ISO 9001 certified, “Design, Build and Assembly” shop for Sheet metal stamping tools, Plastic injection molding tools and Rubber molding tools.
  • Metal stamping production division: Metal stamping production parts for low volume and high volume productions.
  • Sheet metal working: Water Jet cutting, Laser cutting, CNC Turret punching, shearing and press brake operations.
  • Plastic injection production division: Plastic injection molding of production parts for low volume and high volume productions.
  • Plastic vacuum thermoforming: Plastic vacuum thermoforming production including design and build of tools.
  • Aviation ground support equipment division: Design, manufacturing and trading of Aviation ground support equipment.
  • NADCAP certified Chemical Processing: Anodize, Chemical conversion, Passivation, Hard chrome plating, Dry film lube, Paint/Primer, Tufftriding, etc.
  • NADCAP certified Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • ISO/IEC 17025, Gage Calibration services